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Lone worker alarm systems and man down alarm device.

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TrackerGuard 28 Day Trial 




TrackerGuard 28 Day Trial 

Buy a TrackerGuard Man Down Alarm to Test for 28 Days.

If you are not happy with the device or find it unsuitable for your requirements simply return it to us for a refund minus 20 including VAT from the purchase price.


Lone Worker Alarm

Man down alarm
Staff panic alarm
Man down unit
Lone worker systems
Man down Device

 TrackerGuard 28 Day Trial - 249.98 Including VAT


Quantity :

Easy to use in an emergency. Only 2 Buttons. Fast Effective Staff Protection.
Lone worker device Track and Monitor via your Smartphone. No unnecessary Tracking platform or software on going costs.
Will contact up to 6 contact numbers by call and text.
GPS Man down alarm
Multi Network SIM Supplied with 10 of Credit Running Costs Accurate GPS location can be viewed on any phone with Google maps (Free App).  
SMS: 0.12 Including VAT Change contact numbers at anytime using the Free TrackerGuard App for iPhone and Android SmartPhones.
GPS Lone worker Alarm Voice calls: 0.23 Per Minute Cost effective Lone working solution for large and small
0.99 Monthly Line Rental Deducted from credit. As used already by many UK companies and government organisations.

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