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Lone worker alarm systems and man down alarm device.

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      Q. How Many contact phone numbers will the TrackerGuard call & text?           



Q. How do I get the TrackerGuard users location?    
  A. Up to six numbers. Will be called and text after panic button press or fall detection A. The no1 contact number (Administrator) can check the device location anytime. A SmartPhone with Google maps is required to see the users location on text alerts.
  Q. What happens if the first number does not answer the phone call? Q. How Long does the TrackerGuard work for when fully charged?
  A. The TrackerGuard calls each number in turn up to 2 times each. A. The battery will last up to 4 or 5 days between charges. The device has low battery warnings.
  Q. Can I use landline and mobile numbers as contacts? Q. What SIM card is supplied?
  A. Yes. Mobile numbers are best however for receiving the text and GPS location alerts. A. The TrackerGuard uses a special dedicated Security SIM that is the same standard as the emergency service network.
  Q. Can I call the TrackerGuard to speak with the user via the unit? Q. What are the on going costs once bought?
  A. Yes. Full two way voice communication is enable for calls in and out. A. Only year SIM card usage charges of 39.98 including VAT. There are NO monthly fees for monitoring or software services.  
  Q. Will the TrackerGuard work in doors?  
  A. Yes however the GPS location function may not be able to get a reading in doors.
Q. How Do I change the contact numbers?
A. The no1 contact number (Administrator) can change the contact numbers using the Free TrackerGuard iPhone & Andriod Smartphone Apps.
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