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Lone worker alarm systems and man down alarm device.


TrackerGuard MDA - Lone Worker Man Down Alarm


The TrackerGuard MDA is a feature packed lone worker alarm and man down alarm in to one compact unit.

The TrackerGuard is very easy to use when it counts most in an emergency. The single panic button on the front is used send alerts outwards by call and text message and also answer incoming calls. The TrackerGuard has built in fall detection. Alerts can be cancelled by the user to avoid false alarms as required.

After the panic button is pressed or a man down situation / fall has been detected up to 6 contact numbers are called and sent text message alerts. A second text message showing the workers location is also sent so help can be sent straight away to the user.

The TrackerGuard is also extremely cost effective with no on going monitoring or software fees as everything is done via free Smartphone APPs for IPhone & Android.

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Wireless Lone worker alarm system units and man down alarm devices from TrackerGuard with panic buttons, GPS and fall detection

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